To wrap or not to wrap…..

I like to wrap my soaps in cellophane so they are as untouched as possible when you purchase them but…….

As I keep learning about products, wrapping, etc.  I come to understand that cellophane wrapping is not eco friendly so once the wrappings that I have already purchased are finished I will no longer use them.

How will I keep your soaps fresh and untouched in the future?  There are a number of options such as leaving them unwrapped, glassine bags, paper wrapping all of which have there pros and cons.

Stay tuned as we work through exploring new wrapping ideas!

Published by DMand Soap

I have been making soap for years and reading about cold process soap for years prior to actually attempting the process. Thankfully a local company, Wild Rose Soap Co, was giving classes. Now everything I have read made sense and I have been going strong ever since.

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