Hand Washing in Action

Today I was making a couple of hand washing videos for my Etsy site (Etsy.com/shop/dmandsoap) and thought I would share one here.  Hope everyone is using really great soap with every 20 second hand wash!  There has been a lot of interest in my Cotton Candy soap over on Etsy so I used a bar here to demonstrate the soap.  It is so creamy and I love the bubbles.  I try to make sure that most of my soaps have a great lather.  Now that I think of it, next time I will used my shower sponge to demonstrate.  You get a really thick lather with the shower sponge (what do you call those round netty things that hang in your shower).  Hope everyone is practicing social distancing.  It’s seems a pretty simple thing to do for now in order help get us past COVID-19 until our numbers go down.  Thankfully many younger people can get over the symptoms without dire circumstances but that is not the case for everyone.  Stay safe!


Published by DMand Soap

I have been making soap for years and reading about cold process soap for years prior to actually attempting the process. Thankfully a local company, Wild Rose Soap Co, was giving classes. Now everything I have read made sense and I have been going strong ever since.

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