Making your Soap Last Longer

This is the best method so far but this is in my shower. The wire rack lets out all the water and the soaps dry out between each use! You may ask why I have so many soaps in my shower! I test each soap that I make and sell. I test each one when it is first ready and they I try them again after several months to a year to see how they have changed. For the most part most soaps get better with age but I did have one that changed to a color that didn’t look good so – no go – not for sale! The soap dishes made from wood are pretty wonderful also you just have to have a wide enough soap dish to hold the base.


Published by DMand Soap

I have been making soap for years and reading about cold process soap for years prior to actually attempting the process. Thankfully a local company, Wild Rose Soap Co, was giving classes. Now everything I have read made sense and I have been going strong ever since.

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