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DMand (demand) Soap makes handcrafted small batch soap products. All of our cold processed soaps are made with an all natural base. The greatest joy making soap is that you get to handpick the ingredients that go into each creation. Here at DMand Soap we pick natural oils and butters to make the base soap along with sodium hydroxide {lye} and a liquid (e.g. distilled water, goats milk, or wine). We then handpick what additives to incorporate into our soaps. Additives can be fruit, vegetables, clay, mica, and/or condiments. These additives enhance each bar of soap to make your skin feel loved!

All of our soaps start with an all natural base such as Olive Oil, Castor Oil, and Jojoba Oil to name a few. We may also add Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Coffee Butter to certain recipes. Each soap recipe calls for a mixture of different oils and butters.

DMand Soap uses essential oils so we can make a 100% natural soap with natural additives. We do, however, go down the “dark side” occasionally and use fragrance oils (not natural) in some of our soaps. I just can’t help it, those fragrance oils smell so good!

Our soaps will be labeled: Natural, vegan, natural vegan, etc. Our natural soaps are not vegan if we work with milk products and/or tallow (animal fat) for example.

We will let you know if we use Essential Oils (EO), Fragrance Oils (FO) or there are blends of Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils (EO/FO).

Our EO, FO, and EO/FOs are Phthalate-Free and Gluten-Free
Allergy Alert: If you have allergies please read the ingredient list carefully. Some soaps contain oils made from nuts such as Almond and Sunflower oils to name a few. I will highlight the nut products in my ingredients (they will be printed in bold text). Our soaps are made in the same area where nuts may be present.

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Business started in February 2019

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