There are so many resources online for you to learn how to make soap. I started with melt and pour and graduated to cold process soap. I am listing here resources that I personally have enjoyed for one reason or another. Some tutorials I just love to listen to their background music, others for their teaching methods, some soapmakers are just so funny and super enthusiastic. I also have learned new techniques to challenge myself. Some links below have recipes and some links are for supplies that I have used (still so many to try). Too many enjoyable websites (and I am still discovering more) to list here. I have listed these in no particular order, I do not know these soapmakers, and I do not get any compensation for mentioning them here. Again just Instagram, YouTube videos and website that I have learned much from over the years.

YouTube videos:

Ophelia’s Soapery

Humblebee & Me

Royalty Soaps

Ellen Ruth Soap

Soy and Shea

Holly – Kapia Mera Soap

Missouri River Soap

Soaping 101

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